How to add a second Instagram account to the app and dangers to consider

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In mid-February 2016 Instagram added a function that allows us social media marketers, community managers and really anyone to add more than one account to the photo-sharing app.

Of course, when we mix accounts in one app – especially when some are personal and some are professional – there’s some danger to post that personal picture to that professional account. 

At the least that can lead to some short-term embarrassment and at the worst to job loss – depending on the content of the picture. It’s certainly something to keep in mind if you mix personal with business. 

Certainly, I would recommend Instagram to many organizations and encourage them to use it at this point – including in the healthcare field. 


How can we stop people from getting fired for tweeting from the wrong account?

Community manager is not an entry-level job 

Let’s take a look at how to add a second Instagram account to your app…

From your account home, click on the SETTINGS wheel in the top right.   

On the next screen, scroll down to ADD ACCOUNT. Click on that.  
Sign up through Facebook (but it has to be a different account from the one already logged in on the app) or you can use another email address. Once a second account has been added you can switch back and forth by clicking on the drop down triangle by the name or by clicking on the icon in the bottom right.   

The icon in the bottom right shows the profile picture of whatever account you are currently are logged into.

Can I add my Facebook page as that secondary Instagram account?

Only if the corresponding personal Facebook account has not yet been added to the Instagram app. Pages are tied to personal accounts so you can post to pages but have to switch to post there instead of a personal Facebook timeline. 

 You can whether to post to a personal timeline or a page in SETTINGS under LINKED ACCCOUNTS.

This function allows you to natively cross-post to Facebook. 

The journey of personal and business getting closer and closer continues. Tools and changes like this one can make our lives easier but can also make them harder if somebody posts to the wrong account. 

Use the tools that make our lives easier but also be aware of potential shortcomings. 

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