How to add Instagram Stories to your regular Instagram feed

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I’ve been watching other people’s Instagram Stories, which are Instagram’s version of Snapchat Stories and delete after 24 hours. 

Many shoot Instagram Story photos and videos directly in the Stories function and don’t import previously taken media, though you can do that. 

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You can also draw on the screen, though I’m not a huge of if it for myself since my handwriting is terrible. 

Good thing I can type on the screen as well. Just click the letters top right and not the pen after taking the photo or video.

Instagram Stories are growing on me, though. But what about the time I want to save a Stories photo and display it on my regular feed that doesn’t delete? Easy. Here’s how you do that. 

Go to your Story. Click on that upward arrow center middle at the bottom. 

On the next page you can see who all has viewed that Story and to move it to the regular feed click that arrow. 

On the next screen, the upward facing one starts that process. The downward facing one saves it to your phone’s camera roll.

The rest of the process is just the regular steps to post a photo to Instagram.

One word of caution and probably the biggest disadvantage of this is that Stories photos aren’t squares and might not fit perfectly as traditional Instagram photos.