How to do video screen grabs on your iPhone

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People take screen grabs of images all the time, but how about VIDEO screen grabs on your iPhones. That works on as well! I had no idea. (Thanks to Jeff Julian of Enterprise Marketer for getting me thinking about this and showing me how to do this!).

At first, let’s talk about when you might want to do a video screen grab on your phone. I actually found a scenario where I needed to do a video screen grab over an image-only hard. To make a video screen grab worth it there certainly needs to be:

After knowing about this feature for a while, I finally used it while traveling. American Airlines publishes in the app an upgrade list four hours before a flight and one of my flights had a super long upgrade list. The only way to capture that as far as I knew was to do a video screen grab of me scrolling.

Quite the upgrade list. Good thing I cleared hours ago. #travel

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So it worked here and I was able to use the video on Facebook and Instagram right away.

How I do video screen grabs on my iPhone

I’ve used it so far once set up, let me tell you how to easily record video screen grabs from your iPhone.

No. 1 add it to your control center:


That button is not there by default but it’s easy to add. Here’s how:

1) Go to settings

2) Control center

settings in iphone

3) Customize controls

customize controls

4) Scroll down

items to add to control center


screen recording on

So that’s how you take video screen grabs from your iPhone. Hope it helps with your storytelling and content marketing.