How to edit a tweet

It’s now possible to edit a tweet after sending it. However, there’s a fee to users and you can’t edit tweets that were sent from  third-party publishing tools.

Here’s how it looks. After sending a tweet, to edit that same tweet you simply have to click on the three buttons on the right. This looks the same for me in the iPad Twitter app as well as in Safari.

Edit a tweet
As you can already see you have to be a member of Twitter Blue to actually edit a tweet. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that offers a number of things including now the edit functionality.

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Once you click on that you get these screens:

Edit tweet with Twitter blue

With this functionality you can edit a tweet up to five times within the first 30 minutes of publication. And apparently this is early access so potentially everyone will get it at some point for free.

On the next screen you have to subscribe for $4.99 per month to be able to use this editing function.

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What kind of tweets can be edited?

Starting now, natively posted Tweets can be edited. Those are the updates that are published directly from Twitter.

And that includes text tweets, quote tweets and even image tweets.

Tweets published from third-party platforms like Buffer do not appear to be editable currently.

Here’s an example of a tweet I published from Buffer. The edit functionality is not available.

Editing a tweet published from Buffer

When should I edit a tweet?

Certainly it’s a nice functionality, but I’m not sure I would pay for it at this point. But if you choose to pay the five bucks a month you can easily fix simple typos and even clarify something you posted that didn’t come across the way you intended it to.

Of course, you have to do all that within 30 minutes of publication.

If the tweet has bigger problems there might still be reasons to simply delete it which is what people  have been doing to this point.

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