How to promote a page of a podcast on Instagram? Several tools that work!

Estimated read time: 4 minutes

If you’re questioning whether you should have a page for your podcast on Instagram – or any other platform – the short answer is – yes. Instagram has become a linking platform to everything that exists online.

Whatever you’re doing, selling, advertising, or creating, you should have a page on IG where you will be able to communicate decently with your audience. Even TikTokers prefer having a profile on Insta to stay in touch with their viewers, so why shouldn’t you do it? 

However, the key thing is that Instagram can help not only with talking to people but also with promoting a product, let it be physical or informational. Podcasts are a highly demanded thing today, as radio and TV have moved aside, audio and video online have taken their place, and now people cannot imagine their lives without a sound in the background.

The audience for promotion is enormous, and all those people are there, logged in on IG, so your only task is to go there and get them. But how? If you’re new, promotion on Instagram can seem impossible because the niche is already overly saturated with talented audio content creators. However, there are still lots of places for newcomers like you – in this article, we will talk about several free promotional tools that you should use and one paid (a chance to buy Instagram followers), which can solve all of your problems at the very beginning. Let’s start with the free ones: 

    • Pick the right time for you to post. The main types of posts that you’re going to put forward are announcements of new podcast episodes – and you have to make sure that people notice them in their feeds. Specialists say different things: Some claim that it is best to post in the morning, some say that the time after dinner is the best time for things like that, but we wouldn’t agree – things vary a lot depending on the place where you currently are at. So the best way to figure that question out would be to follow the routine of another podcast maker from your place who has already been able to gather an audience. Note when they are putting forward posts and how often they make stories; all of that info should help you to create your own posting schedule, which you should strictly follow. Regular posting is, indeed, half of success. 
  • Use cross-posting as much as you can. Posting on Instagram is already cross-posting in your particular case, but this might not be enough. If you have a possibility, repost your new episodes on Facebook or Youtube (you can create videos with a nice screensaver and post them using appropriate hashtags), tweet about them on Twitter, etc. Use as many channels as possible to attract as many people as possible. Don’t forget to put keywords and hashtags into descriptions where it is possible, and be creative with locations that you’re using to post as well. 

  • If your podcast is paid, offer your audience a discount code or create free episodes for them. The key is that only your Instagram followers should be aware of that thing, make that a specialty only for them. This way, you will be able to attract as many people as possible – everybody loves a free gift, right? If your podcast is free, upload an episode or two exclusively for your Insta subs and give a link to them in direct messages. You get what we’re trying to say here: come up with a particular gift for your audience on IG. People love that!

All of those hacks are highly efficient, but what if you need quicker and more extensive results? We get you; this is the best time to talk about a chance to buy real Instagram followers. If your profile needs a booster, and you just don’t know how to do it, you can attain some paid subscribers and cover your need in those once and for all. You only have to make sure you’re purchasing real subs, as the fake ones can seriously issue your statistics and make Instagram’s algorithms perceive your profile as fake too. This is no good – you can quickly get into a shadow ban and never be able to see your posts recommended to other people. So be careful with that and agree only on high-quality promotional services.

And remember – paid services are only a support to your own creativity and efforts put into development. You can buy as many viewers (in your case, listeners) as possible, but if the content is not engaging and interactive enough, it just won’t work as you want it to. 

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