How to watch football on Amazon Prime

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Now with NFL football on Amazon Prime every Thursday night, it’s probably a good idea to discuss how to watch those games in the best possible way.

In this article, I discuss the pros and cons of watching the games on a TV or an iPad in the Amazon Prime Video app.

Typically, I prefer to watch my sporting events on my big-screen TV. Generally speaking, it’s a better experience than staring at smaller screens. Plus, you might have to hold the smaller screens depending on the setup. Or you could use a pillow holder for an iPad.

To watch football on Amazon Prime on your TV, you can:

To get started, you do need an Amazon Prime membership. Personally, I get a lot of out my membership as I can watch NFL games on Thursdays, read some books early for free, and get fast and free shipping.

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The other option is to watch on your iPad or another tablet. I watched a game on my iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen, which worked great. And watching on a tablet offers additional interactive features that I found helpful and engaging. Those features include:

Immediate writeups of each play.

football on Amazon Prime video plays

Instant stats.

football on Amazon Prime video stats

Instant video highlights.

football on Amazon Prime video instant highlights

Those highlights and features aren’t as easily accessible when watching on a television set. Indeed, you could open up the NFL website on a device while watching the game on TV, but it’s not all there in one place.

I didn’t necessarily search for these features, but when I got into using them, I enjoyed them. Yes, they show highlight replays on the broadcast, but watching a great play again on your own time and as many times as you’d like is great.

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Seeing the stats as the game progresses also offers a deeper glimpse into how things are going. “Wow, the quarterback has only thrown for 33 yards,” for example.

I have watched games without these features for decades. Nonetheless, they are an excellent addition to the viewing experience.

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