How TV shows and fitness influencers repurpose and use multiple videos in one Instagram post

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And certainly any brand can follow this strategy. You really just need videos, an Instagram account and the willingness to try.

About two years ago, Instagram rolled out the ability for users to upload more than one image or video to one post.

At first that functionally was quite clunky and it was easy for users to miss that they should swipe to see more. That was updated and now all multiple-content asset posts show the dots at the bottom that remind you to swipe. Also, there’s a “1/4” in the top right. Nice improvement.

Jimmy Kimmel and his late-night show seem to be on the trailblazer track for content distribution here. I watched his show on YouTube for a while.

And now the show publishes short clips (one minute per usually) and multiple of those in one post.

Of course, atomization of content like that isn’t anything new and Kimmel, Saturday Night Live and others have done that on YouTube and other channels for a while.

Kimmel posts a number of these clips – including interviews.

You can also watch his show on the ABC site proper. That’s Create Once, Publish Everywhere and the show is hitting all the channels where its audience may be.

Fitness social media influencers do similar things. They post multiple videos of exercises in one post. Here’s the proper technique, etc. Usually exercises are grouped by a muscle group.

Depending on my interest level I may watch or swipe or scroll along to the next post.

Posting a lot can keep me engaged. For example, I scrolled away from a Kimmel video and there was another one just a few seconds down in my timeline.

Certainly, Instagram algorithms have made things harder to be seen, but you won’t be seen multiple times if you don’t post more than once. #commonsense

I like this strategy and if you have video content that’s another way to use them.

One way to use your videos on Instagram is to edit it after shooting it. That’s the more traditional way, maybe, but it works.

Another way is to record short clips on your phone and then upload them to Instagram from your phone. While you can schedule Instagram posts from Hootsuite it’s much easier from your phone directly.

And if you were editing off phone now you have to get them back to the phone.

I see more and more brands use this strategy but there appears to be room to still be first in many competitive sets.

Why not try it and if you have video content throw it a parade and add this channel.