What industries can benefit from content marketing or authentic storytelling?

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It’s always dangerous to throw round absolutes, but I have yet to come up with an industry where content marketing is absolutely not possible or zero percent helpful.

Basically authentic storytelling content marketing comes down to these pillars:

  • Sharing your successes
  • Why you do things (People connect around purpose)
  • Being helpful to your interested community
  • Making the transaction easy when your interested community wants to buy whatever you are selling

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So anyone can really do that and I’ve seen it happen in:

  • Hospitals

  • Landscape companies
  • Physician groups
  • Health systems
  • Event planning
  • Nonprofits
  • Financial industries
  • Insurance
  • Marketers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Toy companies
  • Video producers
  • Consultants
  • Electrical companies
  • Swimming pool companies
  • Technology companies
  • Hotels
  • Travel
  • The list goes on and on.

If you know of any industry that absolutely cannot do content marketing and benefit from it (even if it’s included above), drop me a note here or on Twitter here and we can add the example and see if we can work through it together.

Content marketing often doesn’t work because we overthink the barriers. In healthcare, sometimes we think that the HIPAA law prevents us from sharing relevant stories. It doesn’t. It just assures we don’t violate people’s privacy.

The layers and layers of nitpicking and approvals inside organizatons can also hinder many well-intentioned strategies.

confluence conference content marketing keynoteWhen I was keynoting at the Confluence Conference in Oklahoma City in 2016, I asked the room of 300 or so people who all has been through approval hell. Just about every single hand shot up. “Yes, we know what that is. No definition needed.”

When I was speaking at a pharmaceutical industry conference on the East Coast earlier in the year, people shared how hard it is to get anything approved by legal. We discussed the importance of building a relationship and share the strategy first.

Sometimes I hear people say: “But we are doing fine.” And that might be true but perhaps it  could get even better?

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But yes, authentic storytelling content marketing, which is really just a way to differentiate yourself and your company in your industry, can be applied in most if not all industries. Many industries are crowded so the way to differentiate is through our uniqueness. Not through copying others and trying to win the race to the bottom of the cheapest price. Content marketing helps with that differentiation.

Business goals and content marketing tactics likely will have to be adjusted from industry to industry but finding ways to stand out and be super relevant are important for all.

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