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The iPhone, produced by Steve Jobs and his team at Apple in the late 2000s, was a breakthrough product in its own that redefined the smartphone industry. The iPhone also offered many new tools for storytellers, content marketers and (brand) journalists.

Carrying just the iPhone, storytellers can use the iPhone’s many features and available apps to collect authentic stories and share them in an easy way.

The iPhone has functions:

  • for high-definition video recording and editing.
  • to take photos and photo editing.
  • to shoot panoramic photos.
  • to record podcasts and direct upload to WordPress.
  • to allow mobile blogging.
  • for additional accessories – like an external microphone to record interviews.

Just with the iPhone storytellers can gather and document stories and can share them immediately.

Mostly relevant for police-reporting journalists, the iPhone also has apps that allow them to listen to police scanners, something journalists have done for decades to gather stories. But previously scanners were an extra device that journalists would carry around. Many stories have come from journalists listening to police scanners and then heading to the scene or following up with police commanders.

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