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landings pages - joshua mcnary example
An example of a landing page from Marketing Technologist Joshua McNary

Digital marketers use landing pages as one-stop locations where web visitors can sign up for an email newsletter, buy a product or download a white paper, for example.

Landing pages are often used in specific campaigns through digital advertising, in email newsletters or social media campaigns.

Users from those initial entry points are then led to the landing page directly to allow them to perform a specific call to action.

Landing pages are a great way to sell products or get customers for businesses that don’t sell specific products.

Landing pages can be successful because of their succinct message. Some marketers use landing pages for specific campaigns, while others tie existing content pages into a time-based campagin and rework them to serve as landing pages.

If you are going to use a landing page consider letting it share a story that is compelling, relevant and interesting.

If your site runs on WordPress there are a number of plugins that you can download to build pages that have the look and feel of landing pages.