LinkedIn notifications not working? How to get notified of LinkedIn Livestreams

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As more brands are hopping on the LinkedIn Live bandwagon it’s also good to know how to be notified when your favorite brands and creators are going live. That’s where LinkedIn notifications can come in handy.

Quite honestly LinkedIn notifications are a handful to wrangle. There’s certainly enough options for LinkedIn notifications. All the options also make it more difficult and time-consuming to turn the ones on that you actually want.

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Once it’s all set up correctly here’s how that looks on LinkedIn. When somebody schedules their livestream you can click “remind me” and LinkedIn will now remind you. But before that’s possible I had to go through a whole bunch of steps which I will share here.

LinkedIn notification for live screen

I recently reset my iPad settings so I assume this is not turned on by default as I had to follow the steps.

Go to settings and turn on “network” notifications within the app and website and potentially also as a push notification. That is if you want to get the Linkedin notifications as a push notification.

Those are two different tasks for two different types of notifications.

If your network notifications are not turned on you have to turn on the overarching toggle switch first. That toggles on all those other toggles. From there you have to turn all the ones off that you don’t want on.

As you can see here there’s several live notifications further down.

Once you turn the network notifications on you’ll have to go through this entire list and turn everything back off except the live notifications and any others that you would like to have on. And then you have to do the same thing for the other type of notification.

So it’s a bit of work but I still turned them on because I do appreciate getting notifications about other creators’ livestreams.

Why I like LinkedIn notifications

There’s  always something I can learn from the content and also from the formats. Even if I don’t get to the show while it’s live the notification will remind me to watch the replay.

Back when Instagram changed its algorithm a bunch of creators asked their followers to turn on notifications for their posts. So they wouldn’t miss them. Do I think you should make a big deal like that on livestreams? Should we ask people to turn on notifications? Probably not, especially if you’re multi-streaming to a bunch of channels.

Maybe put up a lower third to ask people to turn on notifications to get notified of the next stream. All the major networks allow notifications.

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