What’s good about living in Iowa?

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As I’m continuing my career as a content strategist and leader, I have no plans to move away from Iowa. In fact, I’ve been here since age 16. So, what is there to like about living in Iowa?

Some people claim there’s no opportunity in Iowa. Or you have to get paid less, or there can’t seriously be talent in the state. Of course, it depends on what line of business you are in. But mainly, as we’ve seen with some companies, a distributed workforce is a thing that can work. So you can live in Iowa and work remotely in many industries. That includes being a content strategist.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons living in Iowa works:

1. Cost of living

The cost of living is cheaper than the average in the United States. That means your dollar can go farther in Iowa than in a larger metro area. Homes are more affordable, too.

2. The space

With the lower housing cost comes the opportunity to have more space in your home. That indeed came in handy during the pandemic and even now as I produce my podcast from my home studio and work from that space.

The space advantage also can be seen while driving. Traffic jams certainly happen but are rare.

3. Meat

We get our hamburgers and other related-meat products directly from the family farm and a meat locker.

4. Schools

Public schools are pretty good and have even been called “quite possible the top Midwestern state in public education.”

5. Low crime

The crime rate is low. Iowa has the 15th lowest crime rate of all states.

6. Connectivity

Even though there’s space, it’s still easy to travel places. Iowa sits directly in the middle of the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Kansas City. The two largest airports are in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids and are served by major airlines.

A different type of connectivity – internet connectivity – is good in town with the right plan.

Iowa has many positives. Often they outrank the negatives.

And yes, there are negatives. The weather and the seasons are not favorable. Some people love them and the change between seasons. It has snowed in May before, for example. We had a derecho storm come through here that damaged almost all homes in town. That’s no fun.

With technology, knowledge jobs, and the need to have a comfortable work environment, working in places like Iowa can be an advantage for all involved.

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