Mobile content creation: How to easily embed tweets into your blog posts from an iPad

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You know I love mobile content creation. Writing on my iPhone or iPad anywhere. Live video on walks. Editing video while waiting for an appointment. It’s all possible now and tools are getting better by seemingly the minute.

I was pleased to see that you can now easily embed Tweets while working on your iPad and have the Facebook app. Yes, Facebook. This does not (yet) work on Twitter for iPhone or iPad, so you still have to screen shot and link to tweets if you are blogging from those apps. Embedding tweets from desktop browsers works similarly to the Facebook iPad app.

Of course, you first have to find a way to Twitter while in the Facebook app. The easiest way to do that is to click on any article and then share to Twitter which opens in the Facebook app. Of course, this assumes that the website has share buttons –which I still think every website should have.

Then cancel the share window and you are in the regular Twitter timeline. It’s totally hack but it’s the only way that I found this to be working on mobile.

Catching up: I don’t know what an embed code is. Here’s the definition.

How to embed tweets from the iPad Facebook app

If you are blogging about a topic that could benefit from embedded tweets, this is a good strategy. Here’s how to grab the tweet embed code and easily embed it into your WordPress site (like this one).

Click on the downward triangle:

Find the “embed tweet.”

Copy the embed code.

Head on over to the WordPress app – or the Safari version. Log in and start a new post. Flip to HTML mode.

Paste the copied code into the appropriate spot.

Finalize your post and publish or schedule.

An easy breezy way to embed a relevant tweet into your blog post or article. One thing to remember when embedding other content: If Twitter changes how they allow embeds the tweet’s appearance can change and it could even disappear. It can also disappear if its author deletes it.

In a highly controversial case, it might still be best to screen shot and insert tweets as an image.

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