My Twitter pet peeves …

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Connect with Christoph on TwitterI love Twitter and have made many meaningful connections over the years. But there are some practices that don’t necessarily add much to the conversation, in my opinion.

In no particular order, here are some of them:

Sending automated direct messages thanking people for following.

Telling new followers they should also follow you on Facebook.

Only posting teasers and links.

Tweeting who followed you to all your followers.

Thanking everyone who RTed you in one Tweet.

Back-to-back posts within seconds of each other.

Back-to-back posts that all have links to more.

Sending Facebook posts to Twitter and linking to Facebook for more.

Tweets with two links.

Too many hashtags in a single Tweet make that Tweet unreadable.

Egg head for profile photo. Please add an updated photo that reflects what you look like.

Those “The Daily … ” is out Tweets.

Those “My week on Twitter. 12 new followers…” Tweets.

Tweets with photos that link to Instagram.

Tweets that use text speak.

Tweets that try to share too much information and end up not making any sense.

Some of these might be OK with some audiences while they turn off other audiences.

There are probably others. Which ones did I miss? Which ones do you disagree with? Tweet me at @ctrappe.

Jan. 5, 2015 update: Veteran journalist and thought leader Steve Buttry commented on this post at length on his blog. You can read his thoughts here.

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