NEW: How to edit LinkedIn status updates 

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It used to be that typos in LinkedIn status updates meant we had to either live with the typo or delete the status, fix the typo and repost. Neither way was perfect.

But as of October 2016 – when I noticed it – we can now edit live posts and just push that updated version live. What an improvement.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram now all allow editing of posts while Twitter remains the only social media network of this foursome that does not offer editing of published tweets.

Here’s how to update your already published LinkedIn post:

Inside the mobile app, go to the status. Click on those three buttons in the right corner.

You’ll get options to share, edit or delete. Click edit.

Make your updates directly in the LinkedIn post and click SAVE.

Sometimes it can be hard to find your post once it’s published, so here’s how you do that:

Click on ME in the bottom right, then VIEWS OF YOUR SHARE.

Your post shows up under SHARES and you can edit it from right there.

Finally, I tried this on the mobile iPhone app and as of Oct. 24, 2016, editing is now possible from a desktop web browser. Either way, it’s a huge improvement because typos can happen to the best of us. So being able to edit them out even after publication is appreciated. Of course, we still need to spot them before we can fix them.

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