NEW: How to invite connections to like your LinkedIn page

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I have started getting invites to LinkedIn pages in my personal inbox on that network.

In an effort to copy and become Facebook, LinkedIn has rolled out this feature! In all seriousness, people inviting their friends to Facebook pages has been a thing for a long time and some pages even use the strategy to invite anyone who has liked a post.

Here’s how the newly launched invite to pages looks in your inbox:

Linkedin page invites in my inbox

And here’s how you – assuming you have a LinkedIn business page – can use this feature to invite your connections.

On your business page go over to the right and click on Admin Tools. For now, it has a big, blue NEW by it.

new linkedin admin tools

These are the options:

Invite connections is new! Click on that to get this screen:

You can invite a person exactly once! Thanks, LinkedIn, for that! No reason to keep inviting people and bugging them if they have declined already.

Nonethless, social media marketer friends, let’s pick carefully who we invite! If your page is about a very technical topic, why would your non-technical connections care?

This is a new strategy and I would recommend to use it NOW while people’s inboxes aren’t overwhelmed by these invites, yet.

Interestingly, you can only invite connections to your own pages. Admins only! So I can’t invite my connections to somebody else’s page – even if I love that page. Strange, but okay!

I suppose I can copy and paste the link and send it to my connection. That’s not quite as user-friendly, though. This new tool for admins is user-friendly and I see an increase in invites coming everyone’s way!

Of course, getting people to like your page is just Step 1. No reason for staying connected if you don’t share valuable content.