What’s the easiest way to check metrics in Google Analytics? Here it is…

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I’m a huge fan of measuring input, output and outcomes when it comes to content marketing efforts.

Of course, there are several tools I use and one of my favorite ones is Google Analytics and specifically the Google Analytics iPhone app. You can download it here on iTunes.

And while it’s always been relatively user friendly, I still caught myself in meetings at times when somebody would ask specific question for specific metrics that we had not previously discussed at length.

At this point I would have to hope that my analyst expert was nearby and knew how to look it up quickly. Sometimes they could and sometimes I couldn’t reach my expert or I didn’t know the answer myself.

As of early September 2017, the scenario may be going by the wayside with an improvement to the Google Analytics iPhone app.

Asking analytics questions of Google Analytics

You can now voice dictate a plain language question to the Google Analytics app and it will give you the answer. I tried it a few times. Here are some examples:

To get my little experiment started and to make sure my excitement of this update was actually warranted I asked a question I knew the answer to: what is the percentage of visitors to my site from the United States? I knew the answer to be in the 40% range, which as you can see below is also what the app gave me for my answer:

Now with my question here I did not specify a time period so it appears that the app simply picks the last week for the default time period. As you can see, the answer was correct. So I was still excited about the update which would allow me to check content marketing metrics-especially in meetings-easier.

Next, I wanted to find out if it would run specific time periods:

So running a specific three-month time period worked very simply and as you can see by the way the question was answered it appears that you can break that down quite a bit further.

But what about when you voice dictate something and it’s not spelled correctly? For example, in this next example I meant to say site but it dictated it as side:

So that’s tracking at a pace of 400,000 visitors for the year but it’s hard to tell how much additional growth we will see. So I wouldn’t be surprised to top half a million this year based on previous years’ growth spurts.

Back to the app update …

My next question was about which social media network sends the most users. This is the answer I got:

Again, it defaulted to the last week for the answer, so that’s something to remember if you want to look at the bigger picture or different time period. But this was probably the most disappointing answer because it literally just gave me an overview of all referral traffic-not just social media. Either way, it still gave me the correct answer on one screen so it was still helpful but not as exciting as the other ones.

Finally, I wanted to see if you could do comparisons, so I asked it to compare traffic the first three months of this year to the first three months of last year:

Very impressive! But the one thing it doesn’t do is thread questions so if I ask on the next question what kind of percentage increase that is here’s the answer I get:

So it doesn’t work quite like Siri works in some use cases.

I tried doing percentage increase questions a couple different ways and while they worked to a degree I found that very difficult to ask.

But overall, as you can see as I’m writing this on a football Saturday while watching football, I find this to be a fantastic improvement and I’m sure I’ll be using it-including in meetings when clients ask me about things that would’ve taken a lot longer to look up in the past.

Where do you voice dictate your question inside the Google Analytics app?

Finally, the first time you log into the app it should prompt you-or at least it prompted me-to voice dictate a question in the top right corner.

If it doesn’t here’s how you find the spot where to voice dictate:

Click on that and then you can voice dictate your question on the next screen. Of course, the voice dictation is really voluntary and you can also type it in if you prefer to do that.



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