No excuses: I’m not a runner but I run 

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running selfie
I’ve never considered myself a runner – even during the months I logged 60-80 miles. It just wasn’t and still isn’t how I view myself.

I would say that “a running lifter” is more accurate. LOL.

But yet I see the positives of running. It feels good, it helps me lose weight or at least maintain it, and is kind of fun.

It helps me experience my community and those I’m visiting in a different way.

How did I start? I just did. I made up my mind, went slow, then a bit faster and a tad farther. One stride at a time.

The key is to not look for excuses. Don’t allow them. Ever. We can explain everything away and make exuses for anything.

I try not to do that and just go.

I was reminded the other day when I was going to be home alone with my two girls all day. That meant I had to adjust my workout schedule if I was going to workout at all.

“You could just get up super early and run before mommy leaves,” said my seven-year-old.

Exactly right and that’s what I ended up doing. It would have been so easy to sleep in, but I ended up having a great six-mile run and kicked the day off great.

I’ve actually never had a run I totally regretted – even the tough ones. And I’m not even a runner. ?

No excuses!