book cover crop“Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-term Success” discusses why you, your organization and anyone really should consider sharing authentic stories with each other, how to do it, what barriers you are likely to encounter and how to keep going. Authentic storytelling is a technique that you can easily include in your content marketing program and that can help your organization remain relevant long term.

Copies had been sold in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. The book went out of stock in late 2021.



Five Stars – Distinctive and Terrific Read and Resource

This is a unique and first-rate offering from Mr. Trappe. On the unique front, with its primary emphasis on authentic storytelling this is a rare book that forces the reflective reader to look inward and take stock as to whether the stories he or she has been telling the world are genuinely authentic. For me, that process was a not-always-easy but very much worthwhile opportunity to check myself for true authenticity. Mr. Trappe’s offering is also distinct in that, in 176 succinct pages, it accomplishes three objectives that benefit the reader:

1. Forces needed self-reflection

2. Makes a highly compelling case as to why authentic stories ought to be THE central nexus for public-facing communications.

3. Offers an abundance of actionable tips and insights, with the book broken down into discrete subsections so as to keep focus on the item at hand.

It’s also worth noting that an extremely well written third of the book is dedicated to telling stories on social media.

Mr. Trappe is also an endearing author, bringing in numerous personal examples and every so often, laughing at what he’s just written with a “Ha” that had me laughing too.

This is important book for content marketers. But I’d also say it’s an important book for folks generally, particularly the first third, in which the author makes the case for authenticity.

Wonderful work and highly recommended.

– Matt Bergman, Feb. 2018

Christoph Trappe’s authentic storytelling method is not the typical content marketing informational book. Not only does he describe in great detail the importance of authenticity and storytelling, but also he gives readers the tools to enact the method for themselves. It’s a step beyond “how-to.” Rather, it’s here’s how and why you should be following this method in your organization. – Mariah Obiedzinski 

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