Who should run social media? Communications, the expert or an agency?

Estimated read time: 4 minutesAs many organizations are realizing that social media is not just a fad and a valuable channel for customer acquisition, the question arises: Who should run our branded social media account? Your options include: Marketing, communications or a related function in […]

PODCAST: Words Can Have Different Meaning to Different People

Estimated read time: 7 minutesThis podcast discusses the importance of the words that we choose. The same words can have different meaning to different people. Sometimes this can lead to miscommunication and interesting decisions. This podcast discusses the importance of words and their meanings to […]

PODCAST: Content marketing helps experts become wider known

Estimated read time: 6 minutesThis podcast discusses how content marketing doesn’t make experts but helps already-existing experts become more widely known and why they would even want to. Audio not playing or can’t listen right now? Try the transcript below: Hi there, Christoph Trappe here […]

Story alignment: Would that “internal” story work and make sense “externally?”

Estimated read time: 2 minutesThis is an interesting question, I think. Usually, when there’s a need for two versions, the actual internal story isn’t all that positive. In a true authentic culture story, alignment is a moot point. When it comes to story alignment a […]