Some people still have to report to work … even in the Participation Age

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Part of being authentic also means that we accept other people’s stories and realities. We’ve heard the stories of some entrepreneur working from the beach, their couch and dozens of other non-traditional workplace location.

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And those things exist and some jobs lend themselves better to those experiences than others. I’ve worked in many non-traditional locations and at non-traditional times. And in what I do, that works. Sometimes – many days really – I wear sweatpants. Other days – especially when I’m presenting, I’m wearing a suite and tie. It all depends on that day’s activities. 

Some jobs always require to wear a suit and tie. Others a uniform. In some jobs it matters that they they are sitting at the front desk, bank counter or flight attendant post at a specific time. Those things matter – despite their being some new ways that also now matter. But they won’t work for all and that’s okay.

Working on the beach can be fun, but also a challenge – think sand in your keyboard, for example. If you are with your family the balance can also be hard – harder than it sounds. 

We need different roles, interests and jobs for our community to function and work together.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t get rid of as many outdated processes as possible either. We can always do more to make the experience better for employees and customers alike. Communities that are happy together grow together.

Whatever your role is – I hope it’s the experience and journey you are looking for in your own authentic story.

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