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pinterestingPinteresting is a term used by social media users going on Pinterest and using posted pins as inspirations to make something – often offline – themselves.

This could include making gift bags – like the example in the picture. It can also include finding unique ways to reveal your baby’s gender. Below is the Facebook post that announced our second baby’s gender – another example that was inspired by similar Pinterest pins.



baby gender announcement pinterest 2

baby gender announcement pinterest 1

The concept of Pinteresting means that Pinterest gave you the idea, inspiration, etc., to create your own version. You didn’t start from scratch.

This clearly is a niche that is worth entering for some brands. If you make or offer items that can help people create certain things, make sure you share ideas on how to create them on Pinterest boards. This strategy still needs a solid content strategy, as it’s most efficient and effective to come up with content based on expertise, passion and market need. Sharing how to make something and that something can be made with your products can directly lead to sales – even when you aren’t actively selling.


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Content strategy principles can be applied to Pinteresting