How to create podcast channels on Apple podcasts

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As I was searching for content strategy podcasts on Apple, I ran across the feature of podcast channels. Of course, I wanted to see if I could create my own podcast channels and use that as a way to  promote podcasts I am involved with.

In this article, I share what I learned about implementing podcast channels on Apple Podcasts.

Article sections 

What are podcast channels?
How to create a podcast channel?
Is it worth creating a podcast channel?

What are podcast channels?

Podcast channels are not podcast networks. For example, Spotify is a podcast network. So are Google Podcasts or Podchaser.

Podcast channels are similar to playlists on YouTube. They are hand crafted, curated by a creator and show up in the Apple Podcasts app.

podcast channels on Apple

For example, the HubSpot Podcast Network has 10 shows in their channel.

Podcast channels example HubSpot podcast network

When done well, this is another nice way for listeners to discover additional and related podcasts. Podcast discoverability is hard enough as it is so this could help.

You can also offer this grouping of shows as a subscription and monetize it that way. Paid subscriptions are currently not part of my podcasting strategy but your strategy might be different.

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How to create a podcast channel?

To get started, you have to be signed up on Apple through Podcast Connect. From your dashboard, you can add new shows and new channels.

Adding podcast channelsWhen you click on new channel you get the option to create that channel and add podcast shows. Here’s how that screen looks.

Adding podcast channels

To add a show you need to either have it be part of your podcast connect profile or you need to add it through an RSS feed.

In essence, that means that it should be a podcast that you produce or that’s part of your podcast network.

To add a show to your Podcasts Connect profile just go back to the main screen and add a show.

Adding a podcast to podcast connect

In theory, you could add other podcasts as long as you have their RSS feed. Even if you have their RSS, I would still recommend to reaching out to the creator first to see if it’s OK to add them into your podcast channel.

I would be open to others adding my show to their channel if it’s relevant. For example, if somebody creates a channel called top content strategy podcasts or top marketing podcast or something like that.

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Is it worthwhile to create a podcast channel?

As is often the case, the answer depends on your current situation. If you have a number of related podcast that you already produce it certainly makes sense to create a channel for them.

If you are trying to build community in a specific vertical and podcasts are taking off in that vertical, it also might be a good strategy. You could reach out to all the different podcasts and see if they would be willing to be part of your podcast channel.

Do be aware that some people might not appreciate that offer as they may not be willing to give you their RSS feed.

At the end of the day, understanding this feature on Apple podcast is another tool on our toolbelt of content promotion and it can help us reach more people and potentially even build community in our industry.

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