Podcasting? Don’t forget to set up your Podchaser creator page with credits

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When it comes to podcasting there are plenty of channels to distribute your podcast through. My Business Storytelling Show is distributed through 16 alone – including the traditional ones and Podchaser. In addition, I livestream episodes to Amazon Live, LinkedIn, YouTube and episodes are then picked up by the DB&A Television Network.

My show has been going to Podchaser as well for a while.

What’s Podchaser?

Podchaser is a mix between podcast network and social media network. You can follow shows and creators. So if you are somebody’s fan and want to know every time they appear on a podcast, this is one way to be alerted to it. I’m actually not aware of any other networks that allow you to do that. Google Alerts could work perhaps. Once you are following creators and shows, Podchaser also gives you recommendations, though, the first time I saw recommendations they could have been more personalized.

What’s a Podchaser creator profile?

When I log into Podchaser, that’s called an account. For example, I can log in with Google, Twitter or Facebook. Accounts can then create creator profiles. My creator profile, for example looks like this:

My Podchaser creator profile lists my podcast appearances which include a variety of roles:

  • Host
  • Guest appearance
  • Producer
  • Executive producer

These can be chosen when I add roles. It’s a bit of a manual process currently as I have to go manually in and add episodes and shows. But it works.

Who can create Podchaser creator profiles?

It seems anyone can. For example, I created mine a while back then lost access and had to reclaim it through an account that I was able to access. It was a quick process and after all, it is me.

I also created the profiles of two executives at Voxpopme. They appear on podcasts frequently and one hosts “Reel Talk: The Customer Insights Show.”

The importance of claiming profiles

My philosophy in general is this: Always setup a profile for yourself or your company on new networks right away. Even if you aren’t going to use them much right away.

I applied to the Amazon Influencer program years ago and didn’t really use it, but was ready once Amazon Live started being a thing. I could use it right away because I was already approved.

The same is true here with Podchaser.

  • Setup your account
  • Add your picture
  • Add relevant links

Now, there’s a line somewhere. New networks pop up all the time. I get emails all the time from one new platform or another “inviting” me to sign up. I hardly ever do. Why? Because I have to draw the line somewhere. If I don’t know about you aside from your email it might be too early! But I discovered Podchaser through Podpage, which I discovered through somebody or something else.

Usually, when platforms pop up in my life without what appears to be a direct outreach from that company I start paying a bit more attention.

So these are my unwritten rules of how I decide when to claim my profiles. Amazon Influencers, Clubhouse, Podchaser, you name it. It’s a strategy that has worked for me. If you didn’t know about Podchaser before reading this and have a podcast or appear on podcasts, I would recommend to sign up.

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