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Population Health is a U.S.-based, legislative-driven initiative that rewards health systems financially for keeping their designated population bases healthy and for improving people’s health.

In essence, health systems get rewarded for keeping people out of the hospital.

Storytelling can help with Population Health in the sense that the more educated we are about the right choices, the easier it can be for us to make the right choices ourselves.

In an ever-moving social media world, the constant distribution of relevant content and stories also can remind and inspire us to keep a tab on our own health and the health of those around us.

To have true population-wide Population Health, we have to talk to and communicate with the masses of our base population. What better way to do that than through storytelling and relevant content distribution through digital and other channels?

Face to face meetings and visits with our doctor certainly are still important as well. It’s also part of our ongoing connections and communications with our communities.
To a healthy (or healthier) tomorrow.

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