Should I automatically push my promoted Facebook post to Instagram?

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Starting a paid campaign in Facebook also allows you to automatically push that same post to Instagram. But should you do that? Let’s consider it.

The setup

Let’s take a look at how that looks. Here’s an example of a Facebook post that first started as an organic post and that I then boosted for $50 a while back.

I set my audience to be event professionals in a number of countries that I would like to visit.

Then further down I get this option:

This screenshot was taken after I flipped the toggle to off but by default it was actually set on to also run it on Instagram. I had run a few Instagram campaigns directly on Instagram before. The results were never really good – in my opinion. People didn’t click and people didn’t really engage with those promoted posts. So I wasn’t all that  impressed by promotions on Instagram.

I was able to see a preview of the Instagram post by clicking on the link within Facebook. So here’s what the related Instagram post looks like:

As you can see that doesn’t even look right. Of course the post above was written for Facebook. The arrows pointing down because that’s where people would click. On Facebook. So if you’re planning on pushing it to Instagram make sure you copy works there as well.

On Instagram based on the preview I can’t see whether or not the link will actually show up there. Now links are typically not clickable in Instagram posts. But on sponsored posts you can add a button that links somewhere. So in previous posts here’s how that looked:

So needless to say I decided to not push this specific promoted Facebook post to Instagram. Mostly because I haven’t seen very good results on Instagram directly and the preview didn’t look very good. And finally the Facebook post was written specifically for Facebook.

Some people might ask why my Facebook post has hashtags – given that most users don’t even use hashtags on Facebook. You can read more about my thoughts on using hashtags on Facebook in this post.

I also haven’t seen much success on paid Instagram campaigns.

So that was a .5% click through rate, which isn’t terrible but it’s not something I would write home about.

Live video replays

In 2022, Facebook is one of the few networks where you can actually boost your live streamed videos. You can use the same functionality to also push them to a Instagram, which is a nice additional channel for them. Currently my live streams don’t go on Instagram at all. So boosting the Facebook post and then automatically pushing it to Instagram is a nice way to get them there as well.

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Facebook to Instagram conclusion

Like anything, it depends on your goal whether you keep the toggle on or off. If you like Facebook targeting on your typical promoted posts, it might be worth pushing them to Instagram. If you’re trying to distribute your live stream further it might be worth it as well.

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