Say it loud, say it clear: Making voice marketing part of your strategy

You might ask: What is voice marketing anyway and do I need to care? The short answer is yes and the new book “Voice Marketing” gives you a real in-depth look at the topic.

In the simplest terms, voice marketing is how a brand shows up in consumer voice experiences. A voice experience can happen really any time the consumer uses their voice to ask for and gets information. That’s opposed to the traditional typing in a search engine, for example, to ask for information. Brands want to:

  • Ensure to show up
  • Create good experiences
  • Make sure their content is optimized for voice

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At the very least, brands should work on strategies that ensure that their brand will show up when people search for them specifically, the category or even related thought-leadership content. Of course, that’s becoming harder and harder. In the old SEO world, we tried to get onto the front page of results. Then Google kept adding more and more ads on top of the organic results and now the Top 3 matter. Well, hold my drink, the voice marketing Gods say. Voice assistants only return one result in some voice searches.

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Then there are actual designed voice experiences. The book on the topic gives a number of examples that brands can use for inspiration on how to create those.

At the end of the day, voice experiences are here to stay for the consumer and that means brands have to consider how to add voice marketing to their overall marketing and customer experience mix. After all, who doesn’t want to show up when their name is called by the consumer – literally!

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