Selfie News: iPhone 6 doesn’t show text on shirts backwards 

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

Selfies, of course, also help us share our stories. We can take pictures of ourselves as we are visiting interesting places and have  great experiences with our friends and family. 

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6. One thing that didn’t work too well with the iPhone 4 is that when I took the selfie and I had writing on my T-shirt, for example, the writing would be backwards. So that never looked too good especially if I wanted to show what the writing says.

On the iPhone 6, however, I determined that there is a way to take the photo that shows the text in a readable way to people looking at the photo.

To do that you have to go into the proper iPhone camera app. Open to take a photo and it’ll flip it around and it would look like this below.

Now, when I took the same picture inside of the Instagram app on the same phone this is how it looks.


To use the photo also for Instagram my recommendation would be to set the iPhone camera app to take the photo in square mode, take it and then upload it to Instagram after it made the text appear readable.