#SEMRUSHCHAT: How to create content that will actually drive results

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In January 2020, I was the guest on the popular SEMRush Twitter chat. If you missed it you can see my answers below. Feel free to use the click to tweet button to share.

Q1. You created content that didn’t meet goals. How do you explain this to clients or the c-suite? Next steps?

I’m a fan of proactive reporting. Keep leadership and clients in the loop. Don’t just report once a month, but share relevant positive tidbits with them on an ongoing basis. #semrushchat  Of course, you also don’t want to overdo it.

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  • Here’s what happened
  • Here’s why
  • Here’s what we will do about it. #semrushchat

Don’t make excuses but also make sure to share external factors. For example, if the goal was to drive SEO and a Google update didn’t help, explain that. A few years ago Twitter removed fake accounts and many accounts saw a drop in following – often minimal – but if your goal was to increase following this had an impact. #semrushchat

This is earlier in the process certainly, but be sure to set content goals that can actually be achieved. More on that here.

Q2. What is the most common reason why content marketing strategy may not bring the result a company needs?

Teams didn’t have enough grit and didn’t keep going. #contentmarketing is very much a marathon and not a sprint, though there are sprints within the marathon. #semrushchat

The goals were the wrong goals. #semrushchat

Too many cooks in the kitchen. At the end of the day content that never gets published can’t perform. Find a way to get the message out there. #semrushchat

Many #contentmarketing strategies truly fail in implementation. Read more here. 

Q3. If you had unlimited resources, what would be an ideal set up for a high-performing content marketing team?

We also should be aware that not every person can do everything on a team.  Hire for a great team and not just for individual skills. If you already have great writers but are lacking great syndication skills, hire for that next. #semrushchat

My podcast on the roles on #contentmarketing teams is here.

When you are hiring, please, please make sure you have the right wording in your job description.

Q4. Can office politics get in the way of effective content creation, and how do you work around that?

You will likely have to work through office politics to an extend and they exist everywhere. Determine what they are, learn the intricacies and try to work within them. But don’t become a backstabbing office politician, please.  #semrushchat

One way around them is to come up with a high level plan of strategy AND implementation. Agree with people on the workflow and timing and that can help.  #semrushchat

Four steps to maneuver office politics efficiently in authentic storytelling can be found here.

Q5. What other departments must a content team work well with to reach company goals? Any collaboration suggestions? 

Many departments really. Especially the experts within those departments. #semrushchat

Most #contentmarketing teams aren’t the topical experts, but the content experts. It’s so important to build those relationship to get the best content that the content team can then package and distribute to drive results. #semrushchat

Thanks everyone for joining today’s #semrushchat It was fun and I hope you’ll check out my book: http://www.christophtrappe.com/content-performance-culture-book/

Also available as a podcast, Alexa skill, etc.