Session titles matter until they don’t

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

The other day I was working on arrangements to speak about authentic storytelling to a group (surprise, I know) when I was batting around ideas for the name of the session with the organizer.

I even shared my top three ideas with some other people and got their input on which session they would attend based on the wording.

Eventually the organizer said that he’ll go with the initial title because “it won’t matter what you call it. People will attend because it’s you.”

No pressure. 🙂

That obviously felt nice and also reminded me about that, even though words matter, perception and audience knowledge matter, too – maybe even more.

This audience already knows me and might attend based on what they already know about me. Heck, we should test this and call it: “Christoph Trappe’s Session” or something like that.

We’ll see.

It also reminded me that sometimes – as much as we might belief there are magic words to get people to act – it’s unlikely that a one-time phrasing will get people to do something. For the most part.

What influences people is what they’ve learned about a brand, person or organization over a more extended time period.