Should we be advertising on the new Quora advertising platform?

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Quora, the online platform that allows people to answer questions related to specific topics, is now offering advertising for businesses – or really anyone with an account and a credit card.

Check out the ads manager here.

There are a lot of relevant discussions happening on the platform for content marketing, social media and also storytelling. I’ve answered questions over time and some of them still rank relatively high and Google search. So the network definitely has a place in digital marketing strategies. As you can see in the screenshot of my profile below my answers have even been viewed over 10,000 times. That’s a pretty good number considering I’ve used it before but it’s not a cornerstone network of my current strategy. Maybe it should be. ?

Quora profile example
When I heard that you could now run ads on the network, of course I wanted to give it a try. While ads get a bad rep many times out there on blogs and social media they still often work – at least to a degree. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Maneuvering to the ads manager from my phone revealed to me that the manager wasn’t optimized for mobile:

Quora ads manager review
That’s not necessarily that unusual as the mobile interface for Google AdSense is also not optimized for mobile set up. Facebook probably has the best mobile app platform for when you want to boost posts and Twitter allows you to promote posts from mobile as well, but doesn’t offer much customization from that platform.

Facebook now even allows you to promote post that your promoter previously via Facebook messenger. Here’s a look at how they share results with you in there:

Facebook messenger and ads
Facebook messenger and ads
The Quora set-up did work from mobile but I just had to zoom in.

The first ad I created focused on content marketing workflow:

Quora ads manager review

This is the very top of the funnel advertising activity. Put my ad in front of people who care about related topics and then offer more information. That ad linked to this article. I’ve used similar tactics on social media and also the Google ad network and it does work to raise awareness and drive people down the marketing funnel for when they’re ready to buy from you.

So let’s take a look how this ad performed:

Quora ads manager review
For just under $15 the ad was shown almost 2,000 times and had 35 clicks. That’s an almost 2% click through rate, which based on experience from other networks is pretty good. ?

I also found it interesting that I could go into my website’s referral traffic and see specifically where clicks came from on Quora. You can do that in Google Analytics and I also looked in my WordPress mobile app stats section:

WordPress app stats

I can then click on every link and see what kind of Quora users (based on their interest) are clicking over to my site. It also gives me some ideas for articles based on what the questions are that they’re looking at.

Some of the questions that people were reading before clicking on my ad were relatively tactical questions on social media strategies. Of course, I already know that highly tactical social media or content marketing articles perform really well on this site. More evidence to keep going with those articles. ?

I should say that my first ad version was actually declined. Quora said that my headline either had mistakes or was misleading. Here’s what it said originally: Why you need a simple content marketing workflow.

They sent me an email to let me know and I simply updated it to this: What’s the importance of a simple content marketing workflow?

That was approved and the ad was ready to go. And it delivered the results that I just shared.

So I wasn’t unhappy with the results of my three-day campaign but I  thought I would try something else. 

The next ad was  a little bit more geared toward the people further down the marketing funnel. This one is most relevant to people who are actually looking for organizational content marketing help:

Example of a Quora ad
I just submitted that this morning and it hasn’t launched but once it does and once there are some results I’ll try to update this post with that information. I’ll be interested to see if the lower funnel ad performs better or worse than the more top of the funnel ad.

Quora also allows you to install a pixel on your website to track conversions better. I would highly recommend that for better tracking, though I didn’t do that here to  run this quick test. 

Will I continue to use the platform for advertising? I think overall it appears to be worth considering for our ongoing digital marketing  outreach mix.

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Before running an advertising campaign on the network consider searching the network to see if people are asking questions about your industry specifically. If they do consider giving it a try and if they don’t consider maybe not doing it.

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