Should we use national days in our marketing?

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There are now national days of one thing or another for everything. National Hot Dog Day. National Coffee Day. International Podcasting Day. You name it and there’s probably a national day for that specific product.

Those days are easy ways in theory to talk about that days’ topics, but should we?

Why do national days exist?

We’re not talking about days here that have been around forever and ever – think Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or official holidays.

These are days that started in more recent  years and aim to celebrate a product or sometimes a lifestyle or service.

You can even review a National Day Calendar.

How to decide if a national day is for your brand

Personally, as a content creator I have more ideas than I would ever get to to begin with. And adding national days to the mix can add to the ideas in the long-term parking lot.

But you can still consider using the days that have something to do with your brand. Questions for your evaluation:

  • what’s the history?
  • is there a direct tie-in?
  • what does it have to do with us?
  • do we have any good ideas to participate

  • can those ideas be implemented?
  • how much work would it take and is it worth it?
  • how does it fit in the overall strategy?


So it might be a good strategy to create content for one of those occurrences. But it also takes time, should fit into the overall content strategy and it can also affect other projects.

Let’s say we have a decent process in place that creates content that performs on the regular. To take resources and effort away from that should make sense.

Of course, an occasion could also simply take the place of something else in an existing implementation. For example, if your content strategy uses podcast episodes as the centerpiece, the topic related to the day could be discussed on the show and that can be used from there in a variety of content assets.

But, deciding to create content around days can also lead us down the road to create blah content that is too similar to others.

So if your brand decides to run campaigns around day-based events, make sure it’s unique and of the same quality as your other content.

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