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SlideshareSlideshare is a free online service that allows people, including content marketers, to share their PowerPoint presentations with the world.

Accounts on slideshare can be set up by signing in through Facebook, LinkedIn or Google (as of May 10, 2014). An account can also be set up without linking it to any of those other networks.

Once a user has an account, he or she can easily upload PowerPoint presentations to the site. This can come in handy because:

  • the link to the PowerPoint can be shared with the audience it was initially presented to.
  • the link can be shared across Twitter, Facebook and other networks with a much wider audience that might be interested in the topic but couldn’t attend the session.
  • slideshare gives people an embed code that allows them to showcase the presentation directly on their own website.

For example, this mobile blogging presentation shown here on slidehare looks like this below when embedded on another website:

Blogging from your mobile devices – WordCamp Ottawa 2014 from Christoph Trappe

10,000 views on slideshareSlideshare offers content marketers another way to share their messages and stories. And people use it. In May 2014, I received this note from slideshare, saying that my uploads had been viewed over 10,000 times.

That’s huge, I thought, especially since I haven’t spent much time marketing my slideshare content.

Usually I create PowerPoints in Google Drive and then upload a version on slideshare.I didn’t really promote the slideshare presentations after that.

Many organizations have PowerPoints that have been created. Sometimes those have confidential content. Don’t publish those. Content uploaded to slideshare will be publicly viewable. But, there are many PowerPoints that could be shared and would add value for external audiences. Consider sharing those as a start.

Seven ways to build audience on slideshare

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