Somebody giving you a compliment should be followed by just a “thank you”

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

What do many of us say when somebody gives us a compliment?

We start explaining how others helped or how it’s not as great as it should be, yet.

“Congratulations, for being fit Christoph.”

“Thank you, but you know I actually gained some weight.”

Or I might deflect the credit to my wife who cooks healthy meals.

“Thank you, but it’s all on her because she’s cooking such healthy meals.”

Stop the urge to want to explain everything or deflect credit.

Don’t explain anything away. Don’t ask them to fill out a survey to give you more feedback. Just take it for what it’s worth. Enjoy the moment and the niceness of a compliment.

Somebody makes a sincere compliment – and maybe we should just assume that most are sincere – we should just say one thing:

“Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”

And don’t forget to pay it forward and hand out your own compliments to others.

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