Take it personal: Periscope notifications get wording right!

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

If you follow people on Periscope you likely have received a mobile notification that says something like this:

Ctrappe wants you to watch …. 


I had a number of people offline comment to me that they have appreciated my personal invitations to watch something I deemed worth watching on the live social media video app. Some even apologized that they couldn’t accept my personal invitation since they were busy that second. Some added that will try next time. 

Wow. Worth remembering that what we share matters. 

Periscope allows you to invite specific followers, but I’ve never actually done that. I usually swipe over, click share and then invite all of my current 1,300 followers. 


I have to give a hat tip of approval to Periscope here. The personalized wording is fantastic and gets people interested in the still new platform. Well done. Personal invitations matter. 

For those of us doing the sharing, make sure what we share is actually of value to our followers. They might end up taking it personal – which can be good or bad.