Tales from the road: Why would somebody decide to drive Uber?

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I now drive Lyft and Uber! Mostly for the stories and some extra cash is always nice.

In Iowa, if you have a loan on your car, you must let your lender know that you are driving. You also must get the right insurance.

I had to actually switch to get the right coverage to make sure I was covered! It was the same cost as my previous policy but it was a different policy. The Insurance Gurus helped me here.

Driving ride-share actually gives us a new picture of our city. I started a page that chronicles the stories.

I’ve taken people to work, picked them up from the grocery store, etc. One time somebody wanted me to pick them up from a high school but I cancelled when they expected me to sit in a long typical line of cars picking up students at schools. Without getting paid nonetheless.

Which brings me to the next question:

Does it pay to drive Uber or Lyft

Yes, if you are smart about it. I figure that the average ride goes for around 6-10 minutes. So if I go for 20 minutes to pick somebody up, I’m setting myself up to be frustrated and make no money.

So I only accept rides that are within 6-7 minutes, because further out chances are it’s not a financially feasible ride.

Check out the Rideshare Guy’s book with tips.

I also love the destination mode. Both apps allow me to say I’m driving to the office or wherever and want to accept only rides on the route. Any ride within these parameters is a win.

I love it when I’m going to Iowa City (30 minute drive) for a meeting and pick up somebody from the airport on the way. A $17 payout for a trip I was taking anyway.

Also, some Uber and Lyft drivers in the Cedar Rapids area told me they make well above what they made in other jobs and they are mostly their own boss, set their own schedules, etc. So there’s that.

Do drivers know where a ride is going when they accept it?

Nope. Not until they pick up riders. That can present issues, but if somebody wanted to go super far and I couldn’t spare the time, I’d just decline. At that point they might give me 1 star, though.

And the stories

I was chatting with a passenger and they made the comment that I hear all kinds of interesting stories.

“I bet you do. Share some!”


But seriously, you can experience your town in a whole new light and make some money – if you are smart about it!

But isn’t it weird to have strangers in your car all the time?

Nope, unless they smell. And sometimes when they leave the next passenger thinks that I’m the one smelling.

In a nutshell, if you are driving to and from work – especially on 20-45 minute commutes it might be worth signing up for Uber or Lyft and giving people rides who are going the same route roughly.

Should I drive Uber OR Lyft?

Drive both. I have both apps running and accept the first feasible ride that’s coming in. At that point, I turn the other app off until the ride is complete.

More on Destination Mode

I’m actually speaking in Peoria later this year. The last time I spoke there (picture below), I flew, though it’s just a three-hour drive.

On this upcoming trip, I’m fully intending to drive with Uber and Lyft destination mode on and see how many rides I can pick up along the way. In the Uber Driver app that looks like this:

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