The problem with letting actions speak for themselves

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You’ve likely heard it: Actions speak  louder than words. And that is true in some instances. In cases where we say one thing but do another, actions absolutely can speak louder than words. Especially when people notice the action. 

But a lot of times they don’t. For example, if somebody is producing a lot of great things behind the scenes, making a great impact on the community or living a life that others can learn from, if nobody knows about it did it really happen? Of course, the answer is yes. But, nobody knows about it.

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I like the example of five competing organizations offering the exact same thing, with the same tools and same customer  experience. One main differentiator is that whoever shares the best story actually gets the biggest market share. People will want to be associated with that organization and use its services because they know about them (and then need the services).

So while there is a place to not share every story or accomplishment that has happened in our lives, there’s also a place to make sure we share accomplishments and other things that help our interested communities.

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Hoping that actions will speak louder than words can also lead to nobody noticing the actions because they didn’t witness them.

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