[Throwback] How to find your first Facebook picture to share in the latest Facebook fad

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

You may have seen the latest where people share their first Facebook picture and their latest.

I have no idea who comes up with these never-ending Facebook fads and usually I ignore them. But this one can be useful to organizational storytellers and content marketers. Here’s why:

Looking at old content again can give us ideas for new content and we may find a way to repurpose the old content again today.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere doesn’t mean that it always has to be new content.

First, let’s look at how people can find their first picture.

How to find your first Facebook picture of yourself

Go to your profile and scroll to photos.

Click on Photos of You

Scroll down until you can’t scroll anymore. That can take a while certainly. My final picture – and first post was one of myself, my wife and our first daughter at my sister-in-law’s wedding in 2009.

And how do Business pages find their first Facebook picture?

It’s very similar to people finding it, but go to your Facebook page. Then click on photos and scroll down.

The scrolling took a while and of course it also gives me an opportunity to see other photos along the way that I might want to re-purpose again. At the least it’s kind of fun to be reminded of the stories and campaigns.

Once I got to the bottom here are the oldest photos I’ve posted on my Facebook page:

And my oldest one was one my wife took in front of the Cedar Rapids art museum and then I used a new app on my iPhone or iPad to add that strange effect. And yes, as you can see I still had hair.

Of course all photos that we have shared have some kind of story attached to them and it might be worth sharing those stories again.

For example, some of those early photos on my Facebook page were from speaking engagements. So maybe I could write about how I got started speaking. The oldest one used some kind of filter so maybe there is an article on when to use filters or something like that.

For people it’s certainly interesting to see old photos and for some of them they could be 14 years in the past.

For business pages it’s also interesting to see what some of our first social media and Facebook pictures look like and maybe there’s an inspiration to tell other stories going forward.