Top 10 reasons why I likely won’t leave Iowa tomorrow!

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I’m highly driven by change (hopefully innovative and useful) and always look to make a bigger impact today than I did yesterday.

With that it’s always good to have plan B, C, D, etc. ready for when plan A doesn’t work. Heck, I might be on C already. You get the point. There are a few more letters anyway.

As you may recall I moved halfway across the globe ? at age 16 (more on that here) so I’m not afraid of making drastic changes. As long as they make sense. I also love to travel and am pacing to be on the road 20 percent of 2017. That’s all days – not just “work days.”

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Really all things come back to three areas for me:

  • Culture – be part of one that is as awesome as it claims to be!
  • Opportunity – what kind of impact can we make? Today, tomorrow and next week.
  • Compensation – I know all those experts telling you money doesn’t matter. If it doesn’t, please give me more. ? Work – as much as I like it – isn’t a hobby.

And while some people claim – sometimes rightfully – that Iowa lacks in those three areas, that’s not always the case. It certainly hasn’t been in my career. With that here are my top 10 reasons why Iowa isn’t that bad – or actually pretty good! Weather isn’t one of them!

Never say never and I may move at one point if things align but here’s why Iowa rocks:

  1. My dollar goes further. I don’t have to make as much money or if I pull in comparable big metro salaries they take me further. Things are cheaper in Iowa, though it doesn’t always feel that they are cheap.

  2. Housing cost. I own a  two-story, two-garage home with a decent size yard. It wasn’t that expensive.
  3. I own a herd of cows – and it keeps growing. Not a joke. Seriously. Every once in a while my in-laws will take them in to refill my freezer with delicious meat.
  4. My commute rocks. It’s under 15 minutes to the office and I basically drive the whole time. Hardly any bumper to bunper madness. I park in the spot right outside my window 90 percent of the time.
  5. Schools are pretty good!
  6. Crime is pretty low.
  7. The people – they are nice and my in-laws are nearby.
  8. There are plenty of activities for children. My side job is Uber driver for my daughters.
  9. We do have an airport that is served by five major airlines. So I can – and do – travel places.
  10. We also have internet in Iowa.

You might think I ran out of reasons with that snarky internet one being No. 10. But we do have it seriously. And that’s important, because for me to leave many of these reasons need to be better elsewhere. Not all necessarily, but leaving a great state because some Industrial Age leader needs to see me sitting in a chair isn’t where we are going in the Knowledge Economy.

It certainly can be and is important to be face to face – especially early in a relationship. And verbal in-person communication totally beats emails. Email is really just good for documentation purposes or quick “got it” notes.

But “quiet time” to work, think and produce is important as well. And that can be done anywhere.

I remember one of my daughters asking me if I was going on a trip with the in-laws.

“I have too much work to do.”

“Take your laptop. You can work anywhere.”

So true! That’s your future workforce there!

I communicate with people all over the globe on many days and it’s possible.

Anyway, Iowa has many positives. Often they outrank the negatives.

And yes, there are negatives. The weather and the seasons are not a positive. Some people love them and the change between seasons. I would prefer warm nonstop. And maybe a beach. We don’t have many of those in Iowa.

Life is a competion and all those items play into the game of life, efficiency, comfort and impact.

What are your home state’s or home country’s (if outside the ?? ) top features? Tweet me at @ctrappe.