Where can I use the Twitter like and dislike buttons?

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Twitter like and dislike buttons are the latest iterations of what started out as the favorite button.

I spotted the buttons in the mobile app in late June. Here’s how they look in the iPhone app:

twitter like and dislike buttonsIn the desktop version, the button is still the heart button-only. This is also how it looks in the iPad Twitter app.

twitter heart button on desktop

The history of Twitter like and dislike buttons

It all started with a favorite button.

favoriting tweets

I used that pretty much as I would use a like button, but many also used it to bookmark tweets to circle back to them later. Now (as of June 2022), there’s also a bookmarks sections in the mobile app.

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Then in late 2015, Twitter replaced the favorite button with a heart button.

The twitter heart button - the predecessor to Twitter like and dislike buttons

I don’t always have something to add to a tweet that I want to acknowledge so the heart, liking or disliking buttons are great ways to do that. So that’s how I usually handle those situations.


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