Web optimization: Why isn’t my pop up working on mobile devices?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I try to keep pop ups on here to a minimum, but sometimes they are worth trying to get people to:

  • Sign up for my newsletter
  • Buy something
  • Come see me at a conference
  • I don’t have too many emergency alerts – so that might not apply for me but might for your organization
  • Etc.

Currently, I’m trying to promote a Content Tech conference that I’m speaking at in 2019. If you register and use my code – TRAPPE19 – you get $100 off. Not a bad deal given registration is over a grand. But the lineup is stellar – if I may say so myself.

So I threw my speaker image into a pop up to show sitewide for a bit.

I use the Icegram WordPress plugin to easily set that up. Icegram also allows you to add a chatbot.

Setting your website pop up

Once Icegram is installed in your Plugin dashboard it shows in the nav bar on the left in the back end.

Click ADD NEW campaign and many templates work. I usually delete the template images and add my own.

Add links to the image and text to make sure people can actually go where you’d like them to go.

Many templates allow additional calls to action. Just add your copy and link there. Scroll down for those fields:

I always check the display rules and make sure the pop up runs sitewide and not just on the homepage – which gets less traffic that many articles! Woohoo!

It’s always good to delay the appearance and set rules when it should appear next. You can find those settings on that same screen.

How to make sure your pop up shows on mobile

It showed fine on desktop and larger screens but on mobile I got this:

It showed only as “show more” which of course isn’t that enticing on its own. It’s also easily missed. The plugin hid it because it’s too big – I think.

The image was set to display at 560×560. Of course, the best way to show any ads and pop ups is to use responsive ads that adjust automatically.

Since that’s not working yet and I don’t have responsive ads, I just went into Icegram and resized the image to half its size:

Some purists will tell you I shouldn’t just do that in the code, but I was on mobile and don’t even have Photoshop on my computer so that’s how I resize images.

The final product looked like this on mobile:

Much better and highly important since over 60 percent of visitors are reading my articles from mobile devices.

Pop up wrap

I know consumers scream about not liking pop ups but maybe stop clicking on them and buying things. That would get us marketers to stop using them!

I use them sparingly and when I do it’s for a time limited campaign and I certainly try to make it usable for all devices.

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