Which are the best weight lifting gloves in 2023?

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Lifting weights at the gym can help our health and make us feel better. I try to go five times a week and use the Shred iPhone app which offers me a variety of workouts. When it comes to lifting weights, I’m a big fan of wearing weight lifting gloves that protect my hands. Some of the ones I use even support my wrist, which comes in handy when lifting heaving weights.

So how do you decide which weight lifting gloves – if any – are for you? It’s a personal choice, of course. I’ve used different weight lifting gloves and even just used my bare hands over the years. This article gives some pros and cons that I have come across for a variety of weight lifting gloves available in 2022.

Full-finger gloves

Full-finger gloves certainly can work and give that complete protection to the hands. But one negative might be that it can be hard to use your workout app on your phone with them.


  • Padded.
  • Make my hands feel more potent – very stable.
  • It makes holding heavy dumbbells for leg exercises easy to grip.
  • No blisters on the hands at all.
  • Look nice, too.


  • Harder to use iPhone during workouts. I use apps to track my activities. Some versions of full gloves do work with iPhones, but it’s not as easy as using my bare fingertips.
  • A little harder to transport when I run to the gym to lift.

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Shorter finger-less weight lifting gloves

These weight-lifting gloves are shorter and more on the lightweight side of things.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Durable. I have worn these for many workouts.
  • Accessible to transport – even when running to the gym.
  • Make iPhone use to record sets easier.


  • A bit more flimsy than the full-finger gloves.
  • Not that padded.
  • Blisters are still possible on fingers, especially the top inside parts.

Overall, these worked out well for a couple of years for me.

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UFC Training Gloves

I bought a pair of Ultimate Fighting Championship training gloves for some exercise routines that involved a punching bag.

I had started to lift before hitting the bag, so I wore these gloves then.


  • No need to change if the workout includes lifting and boxing.
  • Comfortable.


  • A little on the heavy side to use for weight lifting.
  • If you wear a fitness band – like a Jawbone, Fitbit, or Apple Watch – that’s hard to wear with these.

I would recommend these if you do a workout that includes lifting and boxing and want to avoid carrying two pairs of gloves around the gym with you.

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Ventilated weight lifting gloves

These weight lifting gloves give your hands the padding in the palms area of the hand but don’t cover up the top of the hand.


  • Ventilation
  • Support wrists
  • Padding


  • Unique look which you may not like

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Your Hands

Some people prefer to go without weight lifting gloves. I’ve done that before but wouldn’t do it unless I have to, for example, if I’ve forgotten my weight lifting gloves.


  • No cost.
  • Less laundry.


  • Blisters.


I’ve been buying my gloves on Amazon, and what’s interesting to me about ordering them there is that I can see when I ordered my last pair, so when they feel worn out, I can check if it has been a while. Because of this, I knew it’s been a year and I ordered another pair for the second year in a row.

I’ve been lifting for decades, and I couldn’t imagine lifting without gloves. It’s easier on my hands to use and allows me to have a better grip. All of these different types offer options worth considering when getting the next pair.

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