What will the experts targeting beginners do when the beginners grow up?

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There are so many experts out there that share their knowledge and expertise through blogs, podcasts and social media. Some have written books. Some have written books that are so similar to other books it’s hard to keep the “experts” straight. Some call themselves gurus, ninjas, warriors – it can seem like the sports league of experts from time to time – unfortunately. 

One thing with many of these experts is that their expertise – and content – is aimed at beginners or even pre-beginners. In other words their content might get people to buy-into a topic or even offer some initial ideas to get started. But then once the group formerly known as beginners grows up, the audience literally has to come up with solutions on their own or find a new thought leader to look up to. 

The one that helped them get here won’t help them get to where they are going.

Even thought leaders need to continue growing. Everyone learns as they go and people learn together. If experts don’t evolve their audiences might evolve without them. 

Inspiration is good and helping people get started is good but the real experts are inspiring and help beginners, intermediates and other experts hone their skills further to help them advance in whatever industry they are in. It’s a long-term relationship. 

It can be a great journey for all involved.

Now, some might say: there will always be beginners. That’s probably true and it’s quite OK to always help the beginners. We’ve all been there. But what’s the fun in not advancing our own skills and thinking as our audiences advance theirs. 

Never stop thinking. Never stop learning. The journey continues. 

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