When healthcare pricing is transparent we can actually make decisions [Real-life example]

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Healthcare pricing has been a hot topic over the years certainly.

In years past, it was almost impossible to know what the cost would be until you were done with a procedure, back at home and then they send you the bill weeks later.

“Whoa. That cost me how much?”

Yup, was it worth it?

☑️ No.

☑️ Yes

☑️ Maybe

If we are in a performance and choice culture healthcare should be included – especially if we don’t have universal healthcare.

Maybe the procedure was worth it but of course we don’t buy anything else anywhere without knowing the price upfront.

So it was refreshing when I walked into my local hospital for an ultrasound and one of the first things they shared with me was what my bill will be:


“And how much will insurance cover?”

“Not much because your deductible hasn’t been met.

I went into travel mode thinking. You know when your flight gets cancelled and you have to decide what to do next and what’s best for your trip and the points and everything.

Split-second decision time!

I weighed my options.


Don’t overreact.


It was a mental exercise. Doctor’s order, you know! Cannot. Go. Against. Them.

Of course, that’s allowed. Healthcare should be collaborative.

My doctor already put me on some meds for 10 days to work on the swelling in the affected region.

Then he gave me some other low-cost tips to implement.

I had started all these things but my ultrasound was so soon I couldn’t see the results yet.

So I decided that I wasn’t ready to drop $260 just because. That’s a night in a nice Marriott after all. ???

I cancelled the ultrasound appointment due to the cost and moved on. We will see how the next 10 days go and if I need an ultrasound after that I’ll do it then.

If the problem goes away I saved $260. Marriott, here we come. Just kidding. ??

Yes, yes, yes, I know it can find other issues, too, so there’s that danger.

But anyway, knowing the cost helped me and it feels customer-focused. As the patient, I have the choice and I can make it knowing the cost. And if I don’t want to spend the money, it’s my decision.

I like the transparent pricing for sure.