Why can’t I update to iOS 16?

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

iOS 16 started rolling out on iPhones on Sept. 12, 2022, and offers some cool updates for content – including spatial audio, which sounds fantastic on AirPod Pros. Another reason why podcast audio must sound good! 

But to start the upgrade might not be as straightforward as it could be. See, when I tried to update to 16 I was first prompted to upgrade to 15.7 which looked like this on the upgrade screen.

On this screenshot, you can actually see the upgrade to 16 button below the 15.7 upgrade. On my phone, the 16 upgrade button wasn’t even visible on the screen without scrolling. Probably, because my phone is set to zoom in.

So I upgraded to 15.7 first, which took a while. Then I got the direct notification that iOS 16 was also available. So I started that. 15.7 is the latest operating system available for the iPad by the way.

It wasn’t like the ongoing upgrades interrupted anything I was doing, but depending on how you use your devices, it might be inconvenient for you.

Long story short: If it looks like you can’t upgrade to iOS 16, the upgrade button might just be hiding farther down on the screen.

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