Why I now wear pink socks to conferences

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pink socks

I’ve started wearing pink socks to conference talks. (See the picture.)


The socks – of the the Pink Socks Tribe – to me represent a number of things:


A call to meaningful change and useful resolutions

The tribe focuses on healthcare, which is the industry I most recently focused on with my content marketing. And while I no longer focus in healthcare as much, the message and intent can be taken industry-agnostic.


Find the best solutions. Innovate together!


They are different!

Different (but not obnoxiously so) is good in storytelling. It gets people talking to you. I first wore them at a talk in Raleigh.



As you might imagine the socks aren’t visible that much until I sit down or lift my pant legs and show them off.


So, sit down often so people can see them! Lol. Also, remember to show them off and share a story around them during the talk – if you are speaking – or during social networking.


But socks are out of the way once you are doing things so I forgot to mention them during my talk. Mental note made to not forget again.


People still commented earlier and later. Nobody had ever complimented me on brown dress socks. ?


And then once they are part of the conversation be sure to share why they are important. Go beyond the “thanks.”


So that’s why I wear them. Healthcare innovation or digital transformation in general take intent and purposeful action. Maybe pink socks can be one way to keep that top of mind and remind us that digital transformation is okay and even part of what we do. We have to put on socks most days anyway. Might as well let them stand out.


And stories that stand out and have a purpose are remembered.



A few more pics from the trip:









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