Why soft metrics matter in content marketing

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Show me the money! Is all this content marketing actually leading to revenue?


I’m all for getting paid, because afterall, pageviews are not accepted currency in any grocery store. My kids don’t accept them for their allowance either!

But, soft metrics (so not revenue) are an indicator that things are or aren’t on the right track. So, let’s consider to stop picking on them! 

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It really should be: Show me the data. Prove that we are on the right track or know we are on the wrong track and here’s how we’ll change now! Live data allows us to be nimble – if we want to!

I watch my metrics like a hawk. You may call me a data addict. I see what’s working, what’s not working, where people are coming from and more. 

For example, in late 2016, the blog’s audience tipped to majority international. Over 50 percent of visits are now from outside the United States, where I’m actually based. 

But, Christoph is that showing in your bank account? Yes! I’m having more global discussions than ever and more international speaking engagements than I’ve had in the past. My authentic storytelling content marketing book is also being bought globally. 

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Seeing that shift and growth in audience showed in those soft metrics first, though. It was an indicator. 

So now I’m thinking about creating more content for those top international countries – some European countries, India and Australia. Overall, there’s been over 100 different countries this year, though, so maybe I shouldn’t overthink this either. People visited for the content I already had afterall. 

Also, it shouldn’t be a debate anymore that the larger my relevant and target audience is the larger the payoff – even when it’s not today. 

See how traffic to this site has grown year over year: 

Website traffic and soft metrics
Not all of that traffic is super engaged because some of it is one-time visitors who were looking for a specific answer, found it and left. Though, I still offered value to them and some signed up for my newsletter.

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My tips to everyone who’s trying to turn useful digital and content marketing strategy and tactics into revenue:

  • Have a strategy to offer value and know how you’ll do that differently from others
  • Keep going 
  • Measure everything 
  • Adjust on the fly

But don’t stop because it’s not working on Day 1. I can promise you that it likely will take at least to get to Day 200 and that’s if you do everything right and watch those soft metrics to guide you along the way. 

Here’s to #nostopping and to being relevant together in our own and unique ways. 

Measure soft metrics one step at a time

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