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A WordPress plugin is an item that adds functionality to your website running on WordPress.

Plugins are a great way to quickly install extra features. For example, we use several WordPress plugins on this site:

  • The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin: It helps focus your writing around a keyword. This can help with search engines.
  • The Jetpack WordPress plugin: This plugin is already installed with your original WordPress installation. It offers share buttons, email subscriptions, social publishing and other useful tools. You just have to link it to a account.
  • The Public Post Preview WordPress plugin: This plugin allows you to send preview links to unpublished posts to people who do not have access to the back end of your site.
  • The WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin: This helps you plan and schedule your posts on your site.
  • The WordCount WordPress plugin: This tells you how many words have been published on your site.

To install a WordPress plugin, click on “Plugins” in the left bar of your dashboard. From there you can search for WordPress plugins that might be useful to you. Some plugins are easier to use than others and keep in mind that not all plugins work well together. If a new plugin slows down your site’s load time, for example, you may have to uninstall it.

In all, we have nine plugins installed on this site.

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