How to get livestream viewers on LinkedIn

There certainly are many reasons livestreams should be part of an integrated content strategy. One of the biggest advantages of livestreaming is that it increases your reach. But that also begs the question: How do I get livestream viewers?

The answer to that question depends on social media network and the algorithms play a part – as usual.

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In this article, I will share a new way – beyond algorithms – that can help you drive the number of livestream viewers on Linkedin Live.

Inviting livestream viewers on LinkedIn

When you schedule your livestream on LinkedIn, LinkedIn creates an event. You can then invite people from specific industries to that livestream. It’s a bit of a manual process as you can invite 50 people with one click on the first invite push. After that, you have to invite them “separately” by clicking the invite box.

To get started, find the event on your timeline (or in the events section – which is usually on the left side of your LinkedIn page).

Click into the event, which should look like this. You do that by clicking on the post.

Then click on “invite” which gives you the option to invite specific people recommended for you or you can search by industry. You can also search by current company or school attended. But you have to be connected to anyone you want to invite.

To search by industry, click on “filters” in the top right.

It lists some of the most common industries of people you are connected to. Click “add industry” to search for people in other industries.

From there, LinkedIn shows your connections – if any – in the chosen industry. You can then invite them from here.

As always, you have to weigh the effort versus results. How many people are even attending based on your invite? Are they watching? Is it working – is always a good question to ask.

At the very least, it’s a strategy to try to increase livestream viewers on LinkedIn.

Watch my next livestream on LinkedIn here.

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