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Christoph Trappe Christoph has helped companies share their unique stories more efficiently and better to reach prospects and retain existing customers. He has run content marketing campaigns across many industries, including:

  • healthcare
  • nonprofits
  • SaaS
  • publishing
  • technology
  • professional services

In his career, he has led teams of journalists, content creators, strategists and designers to successfully drive results.

Today, he’s a global top 14 content marketer and top 100 digital marketer. His blog has been listed as a valuable resource in the marketing industry.

Christoph helps companies evolve content and marketing teams into a content-performance culture and the use of the Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) model.

Building and engaging prospects

The companies he’s worked with have seen better prospect and customer engagement and growth through content.

His fourth book – “Going Live” was released in March 2021 and was a No. 2 new release in the public relations category on Amazon.

The Business Storytelling Podcast and live-stream have been download over 400,000 times and listened to in more than 100 countries. It was listed as a Top 1.5 percent podcast to listen to globally – out of 2 million podcasts. It was also listed a Top 20 storytelling podcast in 2021.

He leads content efforts at Voxpopme to raise awareness and brand storytelling for the market research SaaS platform.

My Content Performance Philosophy

My philosophy has 5 pillars:

      • An embraced content performance culture
      • Innovation by all
      • Next play mentality
      • Right players in the right seats
      • Ongoing evaluation

This blog post discusses my philosophy as well. 

Certifications Awarded

Predictive Index

This common survey used in hiring has me listed as a Maverick.

How coworkers describe me

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Christoph is a globally-recognized content marketing expert. Some of his  awards include:


He was named a top 38 publishing c-suite exec by Folio after joining Stamats as their Chief Content Officer overseeing three publications and their digital transformation and integration.

He led editorial, digital and design teams and also worked with content marketing clients in several verticals, including:

What clients have said:

“I was a client of MedTouch and had a great experience working with Christoph when he was with them. Not only was he passionate about content marketing and social media, he was very knowledgeable and thoughtful with his advice and recommendations. He was also extremely responsive and his follow through was exceptional.” – Daphne Tam, Assistant Marketing Director, UC Irvine Health

“Christoph was a fabulous presenter. He trained both our staff and agencies on storytelling and everyone walked out with some key takeaways to improve their own storytelling. He made it easy to have a conversation and didn’t just stand in front of the group and present. He moved around, engaged people, and made the training interactive. I would definitely recommend Christoph for those wanting to work on their public speaking skills!” – Jenna Walsh, Director of Resource Development, United Way of Siouxland

Feel free to connect with me here:

Call me at 1-319-389-9853

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